Monday, January 2, 2017

Marathon Training Week 1-Week 3

Marathon Training: Hansons Marathon Method: Advanced Program (*with minor modifications)

Week 1: 6/6/16

June 10, 2016-Official Marathon Training Start Date! I can remember that Thursday like it was yesterday.  I ran 2.2 Miles  (23:13 @ 10:38 pace) in the morning before work.  It was field day at our school.  I thought it was be a good idea to do the 40 yard dash 10+ times with my kids.  It wasn’t the best idea.  I somehow injured my hip, which was very painful at the time.  I took the next week off to let it heal.  

6/11 to 6/12- No running-Hip Injury

Week 2: 6/13/16

6/13 to 6/17-No running-Hip Injury

Week 3: 6/20/16

After taking off for a week, I was a bit skeptical about running a race that I had scheduled in my calendar.  It was the NYRR (New York Road Runners) Queens 5k in Flushing Meadows.  This was going to be special race.  When I was little, I played tennis for the NJTL (National Junior Tennis League) and every year we would take a trip to the USTA Billie Jean Tennis Center in Queens to watch the US Open.  It was usually on Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day.  With this in mind, I knew I wanted to run.  It would bring back just great memories.  

There you have it.  I was determined to run.  I put on my race day outfit and was out the door on my way to the subway.  As I was on the 7 train that morning, I thought to myself,  “Oh no”….I could still feel a little pain.  Was this a good idea? Should I turn around and go home?  I always tell myself (and friends and family) to listen to your body.  If you feel good…RUN.  If something hurts…STOP.  I decided to go for it.  In the end, I’m glad I did.  I ran my best 5k time ever.  Amazingly enough, I didn’t feel any pain during the race.  Afterwards, I knew I needed to take some more time off to truly rest and recover.  

NYRR Queens 5k 3.1 miles 25:17 @ 8:09 pace)