Saturday, June 6, 2009

Curry with Rice and Edamame

Curry Wheat Gluten with peas, rice, and edamame

Do you ever put items in the pantry and forget about them because they're hiding behind another product?  Well, that was the case with this small can of coconut milk.  It was hiding behind a can of organic chickpeas and numerous cans of navy beans.
Coconut Milk

After discovering this liquid gem, I also found some thai curry powder.  With these two lovely finds and a can of wheat gluten always in stock, I decided to make curry with peas and onions.
Cans of Wheat Gluten (Vegetarian Mock Duck and Mock Chicken)

I started the rice cooker and began cooking the curry and steaming the edamame.  Twenty minutes later, I had myself a nice lunch because of that missing can of coconut milk.


  1. I love coconut milk. Its so perfect in veggie currys...actually, i dont think I would make a curry without it :)


  2. Ha, I just found those canned gluten "meats" at a market--I remembered seeimg them here! I got the pork, duck, and abalone. I don't know what to use the abalone for...