Sunday, July 19, 2009

NYC Vegan EatupTown Picnic Potluck

This afternoon, I went to a wonderful picnic potluck at St. Nicholas Park here in NY. After a long ride on the subway, it was time to EAT!!!

The great vegan feast! (Clockwise from the bottom: broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage slaw, Multi-grain tortilla chips and homemade guacamole (Thanks Betty!), orzo/beans/rice, summer vegetable whole wheat couscous with vegan chicken (I made this one), green lentil salad, fresh berries (blackberries, strawberry and blueberries), chocolate cake, tofu/broccoli with pasta, quinoa with apples, tomato salad, mint tea, ginger/carrot and sesame noodles, medjool dates,black bean salad, blueberry/radicchio/romaine/peas and onions, haricot vert with chickpeas and fresh oranges.

All of the attendees brought a vegan dish (enough to share for at least 8 people). Undecided on what to bring, I searched through my vegan cookbook collection for inspiration. I finally settled on making a summer vegetable couscous.

Summer Vegetable Whole Wheat CousCous with Vegan Chicken

More pics...
Carrot ginger sesame noodles

Tomato bean salad
More pics...
And more...
Broccoli Slaw
My plate: Green Salad, ginger sesame noodles, tofu broccoli pasta, bean salad, and guacamole with chips.

Everyone was asked to bring their own reusable plate, utensil, and cup. Therefore, I brought my laptop lunch container, which was perfect for the potluck!

Leftovers that I brought home.

Great food, great people, and lots of fun. Next post...the recipe for my Summer Veggie CousCous:)

Lastly, at the picnic, I found out about a great opportunity to participate in a cooking competition called the Veggie Conquest Challenge.

To participate in the Veggie Conquest Challenge #1 click here. I think I'm going to try it:)


  1. How cool to have such a great community! And those left-overs would have been ace!

  2. love your blog, and your food looks amazing! i love the east village as well, so many great shops and restaurant.