Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vedge Restaurant Philadelphia, PA.

The husband and wife team of Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby have been garnering a whole lot of buzz since opening in 2011.  Their vegetable restaurant is inspired by fresh and locally sourced ingredients. When dining at Vedge, there is always something new and exciting to try off of their menus including the Vedge bar (cold plates), hot kitchen, dirt list, and desserts. 

Whenever I travel to Philadelphia, I try my best to dine here.   Luckily, I was able to snag a last minute reservation.  *Tip-Book in advance.  However, if you are not able to, they also except walk-ins earlier in the evening.  

On a recent visit, rather than order your typical appetizer and entree, I sampled many items on their seasonal menu.  At Vedge, it is suggested to order 2-3 plates per person (tapas style). Although there were two of us dining, we ended up ordering 9 plates!  It was my friend's first time dining here and she loved it.  I suggest you go if you haven't tried it yet.  Be sure to order the roasted golden beets and the fingerling two favorites. Also, save room for dessert.  Pastry Chef and co-owner Kate Jacoby was recently nominated as James Beard Foundation 2014 Outstanding Pastry Chef (Semifinalist)...Congrats Kate! She wasn't the only one...Chef Rich has a nomination as Best Chef Mid-Atlantic. What an honor and achievement. I hope you both win!  Take a peek at their lovely creations below.

The Vedge Bar

Salt Roasted Golden Beets
(avocado, smoked tofu, capers, creamy cucumber, seedy rye)

Winter Chopped Salad
(green goddess, cured olive, pumpernickel)

From the Dirt List

Grilled Black Kale

Brussel Sprouts
(shaved and grilled, smoked mustard)

Nebrodini Mushrooms "Fazzoletti"
(basil, olive oil, charred tomato)

Fingerling Fries
(creamy worcestershire)

Spaetzle with turnips

 From the Hot Kitchen
Eggplant Braciole
(smoked eggplant, cured olive, sicilian salsa verde)

 From the Dessert Menu
Sticky Toffee Pudding
(brown sugar date cake, smoked pecan ice cream)

Even after a full meal, I can't wait to return.  Until next time, I'll try and make my way through their new cookbook. Thanks Karen!!!


  1. Oh, I'm absolutely dying to eat here! Every time I check the menu online it just sounds more and more delicious, and every review I've read has been a flat-out rave. The only thing that's been stopping me is the 6+ hour round trip drive. I just need an excuse to be somewhere nearby, and then it's a done deal.

  2. I absolutely love that place and went there twice during my stay!