Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review of Veg Dim Sum

To start my first post for veganmofo2014, I'm going to finish my follow up post as promised.  

One of my favorite places to eat on Sundays (at least once or twice a month) is Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell St. In Chinatown, NY. 

There are always three staple items, which are must haves and they are:

Turnip Cake

Buddhist Rolls

Vegetarian Duck Appetizer (Large) 

And then a couple new dishes. This time I tried a noodle soup and the mock roast pork buns. 

Oh and the dumplings...

Always a great meal at VDSH. 




  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog! A friend brought me to this very dim sum place this spring and I have been meaning for months to figure out where exactly it was, because it was so freakin' awesome. Now I can go back and stuff my face!!!

  2. I'm dying to go! Good (or even mediocre) vegan dim sum is so difficult to find. Turnip cakes are always a "must order" dish for me, too.