Friday, May 8, 2009

"Salad 3 Ways"

For the next few days, I thought theme posts would be fun. Therefore, my theme will be "Making a dish 3 Ways."  Today, I've posted about 3 different salads.  

The first is a simple mixed green salad (organic heirloom lettuce, english cucumbers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes and red onion).  

The second salad has the same base ingredients as the first, but with crispy vegan chicken.  This chicken has been a long kept secret by the owners of vegan/vegetarian restaurants around Philadelphia and New York.  I finally found it and would like to share it with everyone.  Let me finish the theme post and get back to this wonderful vegan chicken.  

The third salad, is my version of a chef's salad (organic mesclun, mushrooms, baby carrots, marinated tempeh, extra firm tofu, and oven roasted flavored tofurky).  

Each salad had a different dressing.  The first (balsamic and extra virgin olive oil), the second (homemade vegan caesar) and the third (braggs liquid aminos with a little nutritional yeast flakes). 

Back to the tasty chicken.  You can find this product at May Wah Vegetarian Food Inc., which is located at 213 Hester St. New York, NY. 10013.  On May Wah's website, there is a link for vegan specialties.  Here you will find an abundance of products such as vegan ham, vegan steak, vegan citrus spare ribs etc.   For those of you who don't like fake meat, give these products a try.  They have lots of flavor and are simple to prepare. time you're in New York, be sure to stop by May Wah for their vegan chicken:)

Upcoming posts for "Making a dish 3 Ways" include fried rice and sandwiches.  Also, if you have any ideas for this theme, just leave a quick comment.  Thanks!

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