Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Brunch and More...

I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted tofu scramble or pancakes, therefore I made both! I made a lot of food, but wanted a little sample of everything (I love a variety when it comes to brunch). Plus, extra food=leftovers:)

Sunday Brunch Plate

Clockwise from the top; pan-roasted organic fingerling potatoes, smoky tempeh bacon strips, garden tofu scramble, 5-minute pancakes with maple syrup, 1/4 slick of Ezekiel toast with earth balance, 1/4 of a mini-whole wheat bagel with scallion Tofutti cream cheese topped and sliced cucumbers, organic blueberries, and an organic tangelo slice. This was a nice to treat to a gloomy NY day.

Mushroom Pasta

For lunch, I enjoyed this simple pasta with crimini mushrooms, petite peas, zucchini and Tofurky Italian Sausage.

Vegan Chicken Caesar Salad

Lastly for dinner, I had this vegan chicken caesar salad topped with nutritional yeast.

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  1. When you can't decide what to eat, having a little of everything sounds like a plan.